Monday, October 1, 2012

5th Week of Senior Year: Close Call

I'm a little late with this entry. Oh well.

Last week, on Wednesday, I choked on a pita chip while having lunch in Dante's with my friend Laura.
Okay, so I almost choked (technically if you're coughing you're not choking). Let me tell you, though, in those few seconds where I was wheezing for air and Laura was pounding my back like a pilgrim washwoman, I thought I was going to slip into the next phase. It wasn't pleasant.

In hindsight, I actually find the situation funny. I try to imagine it from an outsider's perspective, from someone who was sitting in the cafeteria at a different table. What did they think?

I felt self-conscious after the situation happened, and I asked Laura if anyone was looking. She said, "Actually, no one even looked up." I wasn't sure if I should be alarmed or relieved, so I went with relieved.

This entry is a brief one, but I want to close with this: Be careful when you're eating those yummy Stacy's Pita Chips. Especially the Parmesan and Garlic ones.

Have a good week!

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